PMP Exam: Part – 5

  1. If you were presented with several project selection methods, which one would you choose ? What would be your reasoning behind it.
  2. For instance ,if a project selection method involves building complex model which would incur lot of cost and not practical, but its user friendly and would help you do lot of scenario analysis and it would use cutting-edge technology and latest and greatest algorithms. Would you go with it?
  3. Other things to remember as inputs/outputs
    – Scope as an input
    – Proposal as an output
    – inputs to closing project/ closing contract
    – Env Org factors are inputs to most planning processes.
    – Audits as tool for QA
    -Work perf info as input
    -inspection as tool for scope verification
    -EVM as tool for cost control /Risk Monitoring
    -SOW as output from plan purchase
    – WBS as input
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