PMP Exam: Part – 8

  1. Think about these kind of questions ….When I started my hand written notes, I thought how a question can be framed on a topic. I would sometimes ignore which were direct but would think about the cumulative questions as shown below. Try to frame questions on topics discussed in the LL’s in this forum; If you cannot, then dont worry. When you do questions from other sources, think how can a question on this topic can be more difficult or at least correlated to other topics.
  1. Can an assumption become a risk? When?
  1. You are a PM for a huge construction project. You are approaching deadline for a task in the critical path; unfortunately the supplier says the material he has sent has been damaged midway in an accident. An associate of yours suggests same material from a company he knows which provides cheaper material and assures of good quality and describes them as reliable and you can meet your deadline. What would you do first?
  1. If you are a PM and you are asked to select a team for the project, what would you do?
  1. During which process would you decide whether the item is to be made in-house or outsourced? What would be the inputs for making this kind of decision? Think from PMI perspective.
  1. Your vendor takes you out for a wine & dine at the costliest restaurant in the town. Would you go?
  1. Which formula do you use to calculate PV ? For instance as a PM, you are building a Mall. The project involves 10 stores, costing $20,000 per store and would take 40 weeks. After 10 weeks, you look at your performance reports and find that only 2 stores were built. How much work was planned (in dollars) by the end of 10 weeks?
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