From past experiences of your company’s ( or perhaps your personal life) success, you already have a pre-defined concept of how success comes. But it is being re-defined continuously in other markets; and one day you will learn after you pay the price.  Its like how you had missed the something big by keeping your eye fixed on the moving ball. An unfortunate fact is when your brain goes over a certain thing several times, it switches itself off! You will be surprised to learn how many important things we miss due to this strange function of the brain. Spare some thought on these aspects: Are you on autopilot most of the time like taking the same route to work daily? Do you take the same old approach to solving problems and make the latest decisions based on age-old assumptions?  How hard do you try to see different standpoints? How do you propose to keep your brain from switching itself off?

Leadership Tip: Keep an eye on the surroundings.

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