Leadership Styles are Shifting…..


A Comparison of Leadership Concepts  impacting the styles – Then and Now.

Old School Style

New School Style

Rewards for Individual Performances.
The leader is the Management.

An Organization is hierarchy based where power flows vertically down, and is concentrated in the hands of a few at the helm.

The organization places emphasis on doing things the correct way.

Avoid risks at all costs.

Telling was believed to be the greatest point behind selling.

Closed Circuit Management Methods.

Rigid delegation of duties.

Coaching of hand picked individuals.

Supervisors were used for the management and “control” of supposed to be “uneducated” production workers.

Management was exercised mainly through specially chosen individuals.

Technology was used mainly to analyze and processhistorical data.

Rewards for Teams & Teamwork.
Anyone can give leadership.
Power flows laterally on a group or team basis, where line/group/team leaders take independent decisions within a common framework of the organization’s policies.

The emphasis is on doing the correct thing practically, rather than the correct way theoretically.

Take a more aggressive approach with calculated risks, where necessary.

Now it is recognized that telling is not essentially selling. For example “telling the customer what he ought to buy” is now more or less being replaced with “asking the customer what his needs are”.

More transparent Management Concepts.

More liberal delegation of duties.

Coaching is freely given to groups en-block.

Now employees are regarded as “knowledge workers” who can be motivated with proper leadership skills.

In the present scenario several leaders and group/team leaders simultaneously take an active part in the management processes of an organization.

All possible technologies are now used to monitor current real-time data as they are being evolved.

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