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Financial Accounting & Reporting

  These Simulations are not the run of the mill questions. Do these questions many times before going for the exam. Government Accounting – 1 Leases:  Sale Leaseback simulation Share Based Compensation Bonds    

Leaders speech: After failure of product launch

Leaders speech: After failure of product launch

Jim Kramer tentatively stepped out of his vehicle.  It feels strange being alone in an empty parking lot, no honking horns, and no scurrying mass of humanity rushing to beat the clock. The sun has just barely made his royal presence known, quietly but confidently rising over the horizon, conquering the vastness that is rightfully his, […]

Hospital Accounting – An Accountants perspective

The following article shows the tip of the iceberg of hospital accounting. I have assumed some aspects to make it easier to elaborate on some topics. In real world some of these aspects explained below may be handled differently based on the situation and the hospital policies. See how bad debt is different than charity […]

Import Export business – Case Study

The client is a reputed clearing and forwarding agency providing shipment and storage solutions to importers and exporters. The company procures requirements from its customers and then schedules deliveries and storage to match these. The total market can be categorized as import and export business. The supply chain works as enumerated below: Exporter/Import                              Client                                    Warehouse/CFS                               […]

Insurance Company – Case study

An auto insurance service provider incurred losses to the tune of $25 million this year. Last year the profits were recorded at $50 million. The company has hired you as the consultant to identify the reasons causing these losses and find solutions to overcome the situation. The company provides auto insurance coverage only in one […]

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