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EMBA – Is it worth it?

Is an EMBA right for you, as an individual? Despite all the glory of being adorned with an EMBA degree, this is a matter that cannot be decided purely what is apparent on the surface. I feel it requires a rather serious in-depth study because this is a question that could make or break you. […]

Executive Education ROI – EMBA/AMP/GMP/PLD

Credit goes to PLD’er S. Michalitsianos for this topic – Interesting research conducted by Chicago Booth on executive education ROI. However, the research focused on internal parameters like promotions etc; It would have been great research if external parameters ( perspectives from executive recruiters , leaders outside the sponsoring firm etc) were considered. The […]

Hone your leadership skills

Tips for ROI calculation on Management Programs (MBA vs EMBA/Fellows Program): 1)      Actual Calculations: I discovered that even though you may be highly  experienced and decently employed with a six figure salary, the straight forward monetary ROI calculation for a full time Fellows program/EMBA is not worth anymore. (The assumption here is you are paying […]