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What Managers can learn from Captain David Marquet – Based on a true story

The following thoughts are based on the real life story of Capt David Marquet on his assignment for Santa Fe. The principles are apt for managing IT  knowledge workers ; try them in real life and see the difference! Fine print: Don’t expect the change to occur during overnight. One school of thought is that […]

Data Scientists -Thought Patterns

This article is based on the concepts explored by Daniel Kahneman, a psychologist and a Nobel Prize winner in economics. I took them and applied to data science. Before we start understanding data, lets try to see how we interpret things in real life. Evaluate the executive in this video and write down what you […]

The “minute” Manager

Concept of One-Minute Manager The One Minute Manager is a leader who gets things done successfully with real and lasting benefits by expending the least amount of time and effort. One minute managers can enjoy their jobs and life more by assisting their team members to get what they want by guiding and encouraging them […]

Sustaining employee motivation during tough times

Motivation – Sustaining it – through a Leader’s Lens For motivation to be sustainable in the long run, it should spring from within each member of an organization or a team. Motivation is manageable. It is a quality of management and not a strategy. Gary Hamel, the well known author and first in the rankings […]

Playing it safe vs taking risks – leaders persective

The quality of life and many of the comforts we enjoy today could not have been achieved if not for some leaders who dared to challenge the unknown, experiment and innovate by working passionately to do something incredible despite the seemingly heavy odds on the probabilities of success. Achieving the impossible and keeping ahead of […]

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