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Decisions based on intuition and instinct

Business is going through an era of advanced scientific and information technology incorporating huge databases, complex spreadsheets with charts depicting trend lines, optimum values, failure and tolerance levels besides many other matrices that greatly facilitate well calculated and rational decision making. Therefore, some people reject outright any decisions based on instinct and intuition as only […]

Failures – Through the leader’s lens

All the conveniences we enjoy today through inventions and innovations are mostly the results of resilience in the face of insurmountable odds, repeated failures and setbacks. Every failure is another investment you make for ultimate success with increasing wisdom and diminishing risks. Lookout for consistent patterns in your failures; you cannot afford to repeat mistakes. […]

Leadership in the current economy – CEO’s perspective

About the Author: Max Catanese is the CEO of Almax Mannequins and an HBS alumni. Almax has mannequins with exclusive positions, faces or finishing’s that have been specially manufactured for international brands, such as: Benetton, Calzedonia, Coin, Diesel etc., Check out their website: From Max’s Desk: The economic crisis that has hit the world […]

The Art of Articulation – A broader perspective

Articulation by definition refers to acts of joining together or being joined together. However, in the present global context, it is something very much more far-reaching and phenomenal. You can articulate a series of words, or skills of an individual or a group. Articulation is not limited to those either; but can be extended far […]

Real life experience: Entering Colombian Market

About the Author: Antonio is Director de Gestión (Managing Director) of Grupo SM Colombia. He had to envision the company as a whole: designing, developing and implementing a strategic plan in the most cost effective and time efficient manner for the commercial, marketing, operations, finance, human resources and institutional relations departments. He was part of […]

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