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Leading Change – Lessons from real life experience

Leaders need to be continuously awake to an ever present need for change, and providing leadership to change – whether it is to make certain adjustment in the image an organization presents to the outside world or to gain competitive advantage or to bring about a complete transformation in upgrading a single department or the […]

Leadership Styles are Shifting…..

[youtube][/youtube] A Comparison of Leadership Concepts  impacting the styles – Then and Now. Old School Style New School Style Rewards for Individual Performances. The leader is the Management. An Organization is hierarchy based where power flows vertically down, and is concentrated in the hands of a few at the helm. The organization places emphasis on doing things […]

PMP Exam Planning

PMHUB is a non profit making body of professionals and their website has some very useful tips, tricks and related material for aspiring PMPs to help them get through the prestigious PMP examination which many PMs find extremely hard to crack at the first attempt itself. PMHUB has a registered membership of 43,000; and I […]

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