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Innovation and Inertia

Innovate or else become extinct  The modern era is an exciting period as respected companies bite the dust and new names become household terms. It is a time of Darwin’s survival of the fittest. It is a time for innovation to take centre stage.  Category Life Cycle   Every product or service category goes through […]

Medici Effect – The demand for Managers with low Associative Barriers

Around the turn of the fourteenth century, the Medici family in Florence, Italy, were rich patrons of a heterogeneous collection of different artists such as poets, sculptors and painters as well as professionals such as architects and financiers and even philosophers who converged on the city of Florence. There they intermingled with each other and […]

Data – The new chapter that will be added to our History

Imagine a scenario where each of one’s customers constantly “broadcast-ed” his or her needs, personal likes and dislikes as well as those of their friends and peers, and even the intent to purchase something before actually stepping into a store. Would that not be a tremendous boon to retailers and shop keepers? This scenario is […]

Innovation framework – The abstract basics that Managers should know

It was the last day of the annual conference of B&M International. All the general managers and heads of all the departments were present. The previous two days each department had reviewed their performance and presented their ideas. Richard Havell, the CEO, stepped up to the microphone and said “Good morning everyone. I decided to […]

New York Yankees – Leadership Lessons

Three important lessons for IT Managers It was the monthly Friday Night bash at the 9thCloud Pub on 36th Street and most of the managers from DMRGlobal were present ,particularly the baseball fanatics.  The baseball game between the Texas Rangers and the Detroit Tigers had just ended with the Rangers winning 12-4 and the conversation […]

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