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Activity Based Costing in Healthcare Industry – Cost per Major Disease Category/ Detail Line of Service

In the last article we saw how to calculate the cost per patient. Here we are looking at how to calculate the cost of a major disease category – a more detailed service line. Two patients undergoing heart surgery end up with differing costs, based on the staffing for the case, the duration of the […]

“Does IT Matter” –  It does!! A Seminal piece by Nicolas G Karr

“Does IT Matter” – It does!! A Seminal piece by Nicolas G Karr

In May 2003, Harvard Business Review published an article of Mr. Nicholas G. Carr “IT Doesn’t Matter” wherein he disputes the critical importance conferred upon information technology, which he believes is now fast becoming commercialized and too much hyped.  He further argues that IT, in its present state, no longer gives the sought-after differentiation and competitive advantage to its clients.  This seminal […]

Data Scientists -Thought Patterns

This article is based on the concepts explored by Daniel Kahneman, a psychologist and a Nobel Prize winner in economics. I took them and applied to data science. Before we start understanding data, lets try to see how we interpret things in real life. Evaluate the executive in this video and write down what you […]

Cloud Computing – What it means to a layman

Cloud computing is a relatively new trend in the market in which companies make use of third party service providers to carry out their computing needs from publicly available internet protocol addresses. These trends are likely to affect the way many businesses are run in a great way. Three of the effects that will likely […]


HOW TO CREATE AMBIENCE FOR INNOVATION IN AN ORGANIZATION Can creativity and innovation be developed, or is it inherent in man? Galileo said, “You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.” While creativity mostly comes out of the blues at the least expected times; innovation takes time and […]

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