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Innovation & Critical Thinking in Organizations

Innovation/Critical Thinking in Organizations Before we embark on a discussion on this subject, let’s first try to discern between innovation and creativity. In the words of Einstein, “Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else has thought”. Theodore Levitt coined innovation also into the equation, and said, “Creativity is thinking up […]

Causes of Unsuccessful BI implementations – Part 2

Continued from Part 1…… Non-access to Actual Users: You should have continuous contact with the main users of your application. Keep in mind that they are the business analysts of your organization who are in daily use of your application. They should be encouraged to have faith and contribute to your project requirements. If they […]

Why Business/Competitive Intelligence Helps The Organizations

BI or Business Intelligence is a highly significant driving force behind the success of any business enterprise. It’s a culmination of the efficiency of people and processes for identification, compilation, storage, interpretation and application of data made available through IT. All leaders have to face up to severe challenges in taking their organizations to the […]

Causes of Unsuccessful BI Implementations – Part 1

The success of a program of BI implementation within an organizations depends on how well coordinated the entire effort is with regard to how people react to and interact with all the technology, processes and data that comprise the core of any BI system installation. The concept of Business Intelligence is so poorly defined that […]

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