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Managers – Break defenses and fire up the teams

There was a subdued murmur around the huge room. The entire staff of Hotel Green Acres was gathered in the hotel’s main ballroom.  Occupancy had been down and was reducing steadily for the previous four quarters. The CEO had been fired last month and the new CEO, Jeffrey Rivers, had taken over and everyone was […]

Essence of Motivation – Sadhu, Strangers and the Van Driver

What moves you… what drives you to take a certain path or do an action in a certain way?  Your motivation can carry you through some tough ethical and moral dilemmas or pull you down in a cesspool of guilt trip for as long as you live.  Let us take the case of the Sadhu […]

Observation WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST! From past experiences of your company’s ( or perhaps your personal life) success, you already have a pre-defined concept of how success comes. But it is being re-defined continuously in other markets; and one day you will learn after you pay the price.  Its like how you had missed the […]

Obedience to Authority

[youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] Stanley Milgram, (Social Psychologist) who researched on the relationship between obedience and authority concluded that basically 2 factors motivated obedience to authority: (1) through fear, and/or  (2) to co-operate to the extent of acting against one’s own conscience at times. Despite the controversial nature of his experiments, these classics emphasised the following […]

Achieving the Impossible? The Erik Weihenmayer Way …

Blind but climbed mount Everest!