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Import Export business – Case Study

The client is a reputed clearing and forwarding agency providing shipment and storage solutions to importers and exporters. The company procures requirements from its customers and then schedules deliveries and storage to match these. The total market can be categorized as import and export business. The supply chain works as enumerated below: Exporter/Import                              Client                                    Warehouse/CFS                               […]

Programming Models in Sales force

 Sonia Marciano makes a very forceful comment on selling a product or service. This would apply even to commodities if you can elevate the spirit in some way; how about guaranteeing the delivery time, giving access to technical support, making it easier to return the products…… “We each sell a little piece of happiness. You are elevating someone’s […]

Healthcare Guidelines & Marketing Principles

Healthcare service development covers the deployment of innovative technologies, newer services and even different organisational models. Traditionally, these have been done by a top-down process by forcing clinical guidelines on practitioners. Industry has faced similar situations when it launched new products or services and there is a lot that the healthcare industry can learn from […]

Funds Transfer Pricing in a Financial Institution

Before we launch into the heart of the current topic involving usage of Funds Transfer Pricing, let me take you through a very brief introduction.  Figure 1 below depicts one of the simplest forms of a hypothetical FTP scenario of a bank operating with just a single (2%) deposit on the liabilities side and a […]

Strategic Marketing: Pricing/Positioning/Business Model

In the last article we saw how to use Competition/Partnerships/Distribution. In this article we will explore Pricing, Positioning and Business Model. 4. Pricing Price is the most important tool of the Marketing Mix and the one which generates revenue. Pricing has a tremendous impact on the business model and it is important that it is […]

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