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Strategic Marketing: Competition/Partnerships/Distribution

When I sit down with the small business owners and evaluate their business plans, the marketing plans are based on cookie cutter approach. Their focus is heavy on profits but light on “strategic marketing leading to business model”.  Here is my attempt to explain why there is a need to understand and apply strategic marketing […]

Innovation and Inertia

Innovate or else become extinct  The modern era is an exciting period as respected companies bite the dust and new names become household terms. It is a time of Darwin’s survival of the fittest. It is a time for innovation to take centre stage.  Category Life Cycle   Every product or service category goes through […]

Pricing products and services – Part 1

One of the most critical challenges for any company is its understanding of customer preferences in order to choose the right price for its goods or services. However, deciding the ‘Willingness To Pay’ (WTP) of its customer can be quite a challenge and several market research techniques have been developed to help in this process. […]

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