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PMP Exam: Part – 8

Think about these kind of questions ….When I started my hand written notes, I thought how a question can be framed on a topic. I would sometimes ignore which were direct but would think about the cumulative questions as shown below. Try to frame questions on topics discussed in the LL’s in this forum; If […]

PMP Exam: Part – 7

Start of project ————————————————–>> Closing Risk – High ——- Decreases as project progresses Uncertainity -High ——- Decreases as project progresses Ability to make changes by SH’s -High Cost -low ————- Increases, constant and decreases. Impact-low ————- Increases as project progresses. CV (-) , SV(+) —> crash CV(+) , SV(-) —-> Not enough resources applied Cost […]

PMP Exam: Part – 6

More pointers : –           Your Director calls you and asks you for an estimate on the phone. You have done similar project before. What type of estimating would you use? –           How would addition of costs/resources impact CPI/SPI ? Look at the equation. –           During the life cyle of a project, where is Quality, scope […]

PMP Exam: Part – 5

If you were presented with several project selection methods, which one would you choose ? What would be your reasoning behind it. For instance ,if a project selection method involves building complex model which would incur lot of cost and not practical, but its user friendly and would help you do lot of scenario analysis […]

PMP Exam: Part – 4

Here are the formula’s to remember: Slack/Float = Critical Path – Sum (Duration of that Path) ES = Sum of Predecessors +1 EF = ES +Duration -1 LS = ES + FLOAT (Remember FLOAT = LS- ES which is a transpose of LESS) LF = LS+Duration-1 Dummy activity has zero duration PV = %Complete x […]

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