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PMP Exam: Part – 3

Points To Ponder: -You cannot stop the timer during exam. So keep that in mind if you want to go for restroom or something like that. – If you are well prepared, 3. ½ hrs should be sufficient to go over questions twice (2nd pass is for Marked questions only) – You have to start […]

PMP Exam: Part – 2

. Handling questions: (i.) There are different ways of framing questions, and one of them is double negatives…Read those questions carefully. I have seen people rewrite them; for instance, all the following are right(wrong) except…. Adjectives, which will play an important role in the questions. (ii.) Scenario questions “give” you some information and expect you […]

PMP Exam: Part -1

Preparation Tips: · Prepare handwritten/typed notes. It should certainly contain the terms that you see in PMHUB’s LL’s  forum. Add some notes to those terms (1/2 liners). · Create a 1-page doc of all knowledge areas/processes (Matrix). Keep one copy at home and 1 copy at work next to your computer (if you are an […]

PMP Exam – Failed? Try this approach and increase your chances to pass

It is ironic that the PMI is unable to get the brightest PMs into their membership of PMPs. This is very often due to a lack of proper preparation for the exact requirements of their exams by prospective PMP candidates. If you have crashed an exam, then that’s that and there is nothing that can […]

PMP Exam Planning

PMHUB is a non profit making body of professionals and their website has some very useful tips, tricks and related material for aspiring PMPs to help them get through the prestigious PMP examination which many PMs find extremely hard to crack at the first attempt itself. PMHUB has a registered membership of 43,000; and I […]

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